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Simplicity Claims are specialists in pursuing claims on behalf of the consumer for mis-sold financial products.


We are specialists in tackling the financial services industry and fighting on behalf of the consumer. We tackle every bank, building society and loan company to reclaim wasted insurance premiums and excessive charges. We also take on claims to the Financial Ombudsman Service at no extra charge. We make sure that we get back what is rightfully yours and we simply do not accept ‘fob off’ offers of compensation. We make sure that the awards are fair and that any interest due is calculated accurately.

We are regulated by the Ministry of Justice in respect of regulated claims management activities.

Why instruct us to act on your behalf?

If you feel that you have received bad advice from your lender you may wish to complain yourself. There are resources available online to assist you with dealing with this claim by yourself.

The complaints process can sometimes be quite involved and will require time and effort on your part to dig out the necessary information and present the relevant facts to the financial institutions.

People come to us to seek specialist assistance for various reasons. Some do not have the time and inclination to enter into a dispute with a large financial institution. The complaints process isn’t always straightforward especially when a bank rejects a complaint and an appeal may need to be made. We have also dealt with cases where financial institutions have agreed to offer compensation but have either calculated it incorrectly or have agreed to pay back only part of the refund due. We will pursue the full amount on your behalf, with interest, and we will not be fobbed off with incorrect offers of redress.

All that we require from you is that you complete some simple forms to enable us to handle your claim on your behalf. We’ll do all the hard work for you so you can sit back and let us handle the complaint.

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